Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Spring Styles

We just picked up another great new line, which we will feature at our garb parties. Here is a sample of what you can expect. Love the bright colors! It will sell for $55- so worth it!

sneak peak

have some fun things coming in from a small designer we found. the dress will be about $76.
the oversize pocket skirt is $64, and the rad hooded suspender shorts are $76. affordable and adorable! yessss..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

new necklaces- a couple pictures

just ordered some jewelry, should be coming in this week and making a debut at our first garb party. the jewelry is all made from recycled vintage trinkets and stuff. my favorite is a necklace made from a snake vertebrae- its dipped in brass.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Garb Parties!

Blaire and I are super excited to make FLIGHT part of a new shopping experience. In the upcoming months we will have friends & family host "garb parties". This is the opportunity for ladies to socialize and shop FLIGHT merchandise in a cozy home filled with drinks and hors d'oeurves. FLIGHT will feature great new finds which you can try on, buy and take home with you that evening at a discounted price! And we are so lucky to have Blaire to work with each of your individual styling needs. Keep checking in for dates and locations!

"the first post"- WELCOME!

where to start? kristen and i have been working hard for the last three months. our business plan is almost finished and it is full of pretty sweet ideas and information. we are looking for funding- so if any of you want to throw some money at us, just let us know. ;) seriously though, FLIGHT is going to be just what Utah needs. for way too long now so many of my friends have asked when i was going to open my own store- so this is very exciting for me. we have already done some buying for the store and have appointments with some very good lines in March, we'll post pictures of some of the things as they come in. i'll let kristen explain what we are up to in the next upcoming month or two..
thanks for checking out the blog!