Friday, March 27, 2009


we just got back from market and picked up 19 new amazing lines!! we have the most gorgeous clothing, shoes and bags coming in. we picked up a couple of denim lines- 2 very well known brands and 2 under-the-radar (therefore inexpensive) brands. i did a lot of research and sought out a lot of the lines i wanted before we went, and i am so happy to say that we picked up every single one!
anyway, just wanted to brag about the good news.
as things start coming in, we will post pictures. just got this amazing dress in- i love it because you can go very rocker (pair it with black ankle boots and a studded belt) or very pretty lady (with bone sandals and a floppy hat) or church girl (with a cardigan and brown leather belt). the ruffles are what make it. this picture doesn't do it justice. oh- and a steal at $68!

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